Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The journey around the districts

This journey starts at the district Heilongjiang at the northeast of the country and is leading around the country.

From every district it is possible to travel to the next district. And there are many wonderful and amazing historical and cultural scenic spots to visit. Have a nice journey!

Heilongjiang, Harbin

Elke winter wordt er een schitterende IJs- en Sneeuwwereld gebouwd in Harbin, de hoofdstad van de provincie Heilongjiang, in het uiterste noordoosten van China.

Jilin (Changchun)

Liaoning (Chenyang)
(With the Bridge of the friendship at Dandong)

Hebei (Shijiazhuang)

Shandong (Jinan)

Jiangsu (Nanjing)

The wonderful skyline of Nanjing, the capital of the province Jiangsu, at the east of the country.

Zhejiang (Hangzhou)

Fujian (Fuzhou)
Naar Fujian

Guangdong (Guangzhou)
Naar Guangdong, to visit Guangdong,

Hainan (Haikou), the island district at the southeast of the country

Guangxi (Nanning)
Visit guangxi
Yunnan, with its capital Kunming, and an enormous diversity of different cultures of the ethnic minorities

Sichuan (Chengdu), the district of the panda, and the giant Buddha of Leshan

Tibet (Lhasa)

Xinjiang (Urumqi)

A model of an irrigation system at the museum of Turpan, at Xinjiang district

Gansu, with its beautiful capital Lanzhou along the Huang He, the Yellow River

Nei Moggol (Huhehaote), located in the Gobi desert

Shanxi (Taiyuan), at the north of China, with beautiful cultural scenic spots

Henan (Zhengzhou)

Anhui, Hefei

The beautiful boulevards of Hefei, the capital of the district Anhui, in the east of the country.

Jiangxi (Nanchang)

Hunan (Changsha)

Guizhou (Guiyang)

Chongqing (Chongqing)*, at the confluation of the Yangtze and the Jialing rivers

Ningxia (Yinchuan)

Qinghai (Xining), at the west of China

Shaanxi (Xi’an), with the terrific terracotta army of emperor Qin, the huge walls and the Drum and Bell Towers

Hubei (Wuhan)

* Stadsdistricten

Peking, the capital of China

Tianjin, a centre of science and culture

Shanghai, with the biggest trade port in the world

Hongkong, the trade and business centre of the country


De Lotus Fountain at the former Portuguese colony Macao. Since 1999 Macao is Chinese again.